Main Toolbar Buttons

In the table below, you will find a list of all the standard buttons available from the All Orders toolbar. Only the default tools are listed. Keep in mind that you add, remove, and change the order of these buttons on a whim from the Toolbar Preferences dialog. There you'll have the option of adding a toolbar icon for just about any command within All Orders 5, so feel free to customize your main toolbar to contain the tools that you use the most.

Company Home

Clicking this button takes you back to your company's overview page.


Perform a text search of all records in the All Orders database.


The parts, kits, assemblies, and services that you're making available to your customer base.


The database of those customers with whom you do business.


Those who supply the items you sell.

Sales Orders

A list of the orders placed by customers.

Purchase Orders

A list of the orders you've placed with Vendors.

Work Orders

A table of the documents that detail the manufacturing and assembly required to meet your customers' needs.

New Item

Adds a new Item to your inventory, allowing you specify costs, accounts, purchasing info, related items, etc.

New Customer

Lets you add a new customer to the database, including billing and shipping information as well as payment details.

New Vendor

Adds a new Vendor to the list of those with whom you already do business. Includes info such as payment terms, your credit limit, and their Tax ID number.

New Location

Lets you add a new location, such warehouses or even Customer or Vendor addresses for direct shipping.

New Sales Order

Create a new order from one of your Customers. Choose Items, along with quantities and prices. Set payment terms, discounts, ship method, etc.

New Purchase Order

Build an order for Items that you need from any of your preferred Vendors.

New Work Order

Lets you create a Work Order detailing the parts and labor required to assemble an Item.


Opens the help file you're reading right now.


Quits All Orders 5.