Adding a New Location

The Locations tab can be accessed from the New Location tool on the main toolbar, or by choosing New Location from the Warehouse menu. This allows you to add new facility locations as your business grows. The upper portions of this tab looks like this:

Simply enter a Location name, and then specify whether you'd like it listed as available. Below, this area, you're presented with three tabs:

Address Information.


Bins allow you to create location within locations, letting you more easily pinpoint the location of an Item.   This can be valuable for organizations that have enormous warehouses with miles of aisles. A bin can be any place of storage, from an actual bin to a shelf, workbench, crate, or even a virtual location.

Just click in the line below Default to add a new bin. Type in a descriptive name, check whether the particular bin is available, and even mark it as the new default if desired. You can remove any bin by clicking its Delete button.