Toolbar Preferences

This preferences dialog is where you can fully customize the All Orders main toolbar to suit your exact needs. Notice that you already have a number of default commands, but these can be added to, moved around, exchanged, or deleting at your leisure. Be sure to click on the My Preferences tab to access this feature.

So, let us discuss how we can manipulate these commands to give you the most effective toolbar possible:

  1. Change the order of items. See those two icons at the top of the dialog?

    These are your move commands. Just click a tool to select it, and then click the Up button to move the tool upward through the hierarchy, and the Down button moves it downward.

  2. Add... Clicking this button will bring up a dialog allowing you to add tools to your toolbar:

    Just select one of the tools from the comprehensive list provided. Then assign a Label (the word by which it will be listed in the Toolbar preferences dialog, and also what you'll see if viewing the buttons with text) as well as a Description (which will appear as tooltip text whenever the user mouses over the tool in the toolbar). Click OK to confirm.

    The new tool will appear at the bottom of the tool list in the Tool preferences dialog.

  3. Edit... You can change the Label and Description of any tool already on the toolbar by selecting it and then clicking this button.

  4. Delete. Click to select any tool you wish to be rid of, and then click this button to make it go away.

  5. Add Separator. This tool places a vertical separator at the end of your toolbar, and you can then use the arrow tools to place it where you wish. This is handy for separating your commands into groups of tools.