Adding a New Vendor

The Vendors form can be accessed from its icon on the main toolbar, or by choosing New Vendor from the Purchasing menu. It allows you to maintain an accurate list of the Vendors with whom you do business. The upper portion of the tab looks like this:

You are prompted to enter the Vendor's name. If this new Vendor is a proxy for a pre-existing Vendor, then check Has Proxy, and select the Vendor from its corresponding drop-down list.

Or, if this is a new Vendor, leave Has Proxy unchecked, enter an opening balance (which will probably be zero if you're not migrating from another system), and the date of the opening balance (most likely today).

Below that, the Vendors form has two tabs:

General Info.

Additional Info.

Billing Info


Additional interface elements

On the tab's toolbar, you may notice a couple of extra buttons:

First, you'll be able to create Custom Fields to add for this Vendor. You'll also have the opportunity to Edit Notes, which can be a detailed log of vendor interaction, additional thoughtful details about the Vendor, or just about any other vendor-related data you can think of.