Adding a New Customer

The New Customer form can be accessed from the Sales menu, or by clicking its icon on the main toolbar. Additionally, double-clicking a record on the Customer List will also bring up this form, and its fields will be populated with that record's information.

Let us first have a look at the top of the form:

Here you're required to fill out a Customer Name. If this Customer is actually a Sub-item of a currently existing customer (for example, a new bath remodeling project), then you may wish to type "Bath remodeling" into the Customer Name field, check Sub-item of, and then choose the Customer's name from the drop-down list below it.

If the Customer has a proxy, check Has Proxy and select the proxy recipient.

If migrating from another system and the customer has a current balance, enter it under Opening Balance and then provide the Opening Balance Date.

The rest of the form has several tabs of information:

General Info

Billing Info

Shipping Info

Payment Info

These selections change if the payment method type is Credit Card.


Additional interface elements

On the tab's toolbar, you may notice a couple of extra buttons:

First, you'll be able to create Custom Fields to add for this Customer. You'll also have the opportunity to Edit Notes, which can be a detailed log of customer interaction, additional thoughtful details about the Customer (interests, birthdays, etc.), or just about any other customer-related data you can think of.

Once a Customer has been added, choose Save & New from the tab's Save button to start a new Customer, or click Save & Close to exit the tab after saving.