Shipping Methods

The Shipping Methods profile list allows you to quickly set up the freight carriers you use in your business. While All Orders was enables you to directly exchange information with UPS WorldShip, you can set up a listing with any carrier with whom you routinely work.

Once added, these new ship methods will be available to you in the Ship Method drop-down list when creating your Sales Orders, Quotes, Purchase Orders, and Ship Docs. You can also set a default Ship Method for each Customer on the Customers form.

Adding shipping prices

Note that you can also use the Other Charge and Price fields to specify a flat-rate shipping cost (if desired), and the Freight $ field on your transaction form will auto-fill with your established price every time you select that particular ship method (though this can obviously be changed on a per-transaction basis).

Finally, you can choose whether or not you wish for the current Ship Method to be active, that is, whether you want this record to be present in the Ship Method drop-down list when filling out a given transaction form.