Customer Types

The Customer Types profile list is a handy way of categorizing your customer base into two or more types. Keeping track of your Customer Types can greatly increase the usefulness of your reporting, allowing you to target specific niche markets. You'll be able to quickly discover what kinds of customers are your cash cows, and where your marketing and advertising dollars might be best spent.

As will all profile lists, the current set of Customer Types are listed on the left-hand side of the tab, with the fields on the right. The data in this list is really quite simple:

First, enter a Name for the Customer Type, and also specify whether this type is active or inactive. If desired, you can set the type to be a SubType of another Customer Type. In the above example (Government), you add SubTypes differentiating between state and federal government, or between law enforcement and legislative bodies. You can even nest SubTypes, thus creating SubTypes within SubTypes to help you maximize your reporting.

Finally, you'll want to specify a Price Level for your Customer Type. For example, if you wanted to give law enforcement offices a 10% discount on all goods and services, it's relatively straightforward to do so. For more information on setting Price Levels, be sure to check out the Price Levels profile list.