Profile Lists

The real power of All Orders lies in its ability to be customized to your exact need. Much of this power is unlocked by way of your Profile Lists. Profile Lists are complimentary tables of data that key into your main lists and transaction screens, providing valuable information to them. Unlike your main lists, these lists also serve as forms for entering additional data.

For example, the Customer Types list allows you to set any number of customer types specific to your business. Once set up, you'll be able to quickly select the desired type on the New Customer screen.

Profile Lists are a bit different from other kinds of Lists in that there are no separate fields for entering information. These Lists are meant to be edited on-the-fly, with current records listed on the left-hand side of the tab, and individual fields of the record on the right:

Just click a line item on the left-hand side of the tab to bring up that record's details in the fields on the right.

Your Profile Lists are frequently referenced on the various transaction forms, often in more than one place. Mostly, these consist of drop-down list boxes that allow you to select from the values in the referenced profile list. For example, take a look at the Ship Method field from a Sales Order form:

The values listed here are taken directly from the Shipping Methods profile list. If you were filling out this form and noticed that your desired shipping carrier isn't listed among the choices, a quick double-click of the <Add New> line item will immediately open the appropriate profile list so that you can remedy the situation.

There are currently 13 Profile Lists on the following topics:

Each profile list has its own toolbar to help you execute certain tasks.