Typical purchasing cycle

The purpose of this topic is to describe in general terms the purchasing cycle within All Orders.  There are many variations on this work flow which will be discussed in other topics.

In All Orders the 'trigger' for an item receipt is a document called a 'Receiving Doc'.   A Receiving Doc can be created by receiving a purchase order OR created without a purchase order.   The information contained on a Receiver Doc is used by All Orders to generate a Bill (or if selected in QuickBooks Preferences an Item Receipt) in QuickBooks.    

A few important notes regarding a Receiving Doc is a follows:

  1. Receiving Doc can only fill multiple purchase orders.  

  2. You can have multiple Receiving Docs per purchase orders (for example back orders)

  3. The Receiving Doc is 'ship to location' specific meaning that a Receiving Doc will increase inventory from one location at a time.

  4. A Receiving Doc can be marked as Received my checking or un-checking the Received box.   This is used for inventory that is In Transit

  5. Once a Receiving Doc is recorded in QuickBooks it is read only and cannot be edited although you can Undo the bill in QuickBooks if you need to make a change.

From the Home tab All Orders you can see the purchasing cycle.  


You first create your vendors,  once you create the vendors you are ready to create purchase orders.  In All Orders purchase order can be created in a number of ways.


The following is a simple purchase order I created.   I added 1 item from the drop down within the item grid.  (note In order to add an item to a purchase order it must belong to a group which is marked as 'Is Purchased'.


The above purchase order has one twist in that the it uses the 'Purchase as' unit of measure and conversion rate.  In this case the purchase as unit of measure is DZ - for dozen and the conversion rate is 12.  Meaning that when the PO is received it will increase inventory by 12 Eaches.

To receive the purchase order, click the 'Receive' button which will show the Receiving Doc.    By default the quantities on the Receiving Doc are automatically pre-filled (unless the item is lotted or serialized).  You can turn of auto-fill quantities in Purchasing Preferences.


You can receive multiple purchase orders at the same time but you must do this from the Receiving Doc.    After adding the vendor your are receiving from click the 'Add POs' from the toolbar as you will see the following dialog box:

Check the items you are receiving then click OK.