All Orders User Interface

These videos show how to navigate through the lists and screens of All Orders

Home Page

Tutorial on how to use All Orders Home screen

Menu and Toolbar Buttons

How to use All Orders user interface

Using Tabs

Shows you how to use the tabs in All Orders

Using Lists

The lists in All Orders are the starting point to retrieving all the records in All Orders. In All Orders there are two types of lists; table style lists and profile lists. Learn how to use these lists to manipulate your data effectively.

Toolbar Preferences

This preferences dialog is where you can fully customize the All Orders main toolbar to suit your exact needs.

Profile List Toolbar

Each Profile List contains a common toolbar that will help you execute basic tasks like accessing help, saving your work, removing records, or quickly moving from record to record.

Drop Down Lists

In All Orders, most entry forms and editors use a drop-down list to make a selection. This video explains more on how to make the most use of the drop-down lists.

Entry Forms and Editors

This tutorial illustrates how to enter data into All Orders.

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