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All Orders CRM
PLEASE NOTE: All Orders CRM has been discontinued. All functions of the CRM platform are available through our new platform, Order Time.

All Orders Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) is a web-based system that shares your All Orders desktop data and is primarily used for:

  • Leads, Customers and Contacts Management
  • Quotes and Sales Order Generation
  • Inventory Lookup
  • Activity Tracking (Tasks, Events, Emails and Logs)
  • Reporting

System Requirements for All Orders CRM

  • All Orders desktop 6.2.14
  • Microsoft Server 2003/2008/2012 OR Windows 7/10 Pro (with IIS installed)
  • Google Chrome Web Browser (Installation purposes only)
  • Static IP address to access the server from outside your local area network (optional)

Where is All Orders CRM Hosted?

Generally All Orders CRM is hosted on the same server as your All Orders SQL database

There are other options available, for example, it would be possible to host All Orders CRM as you would a typical website. For this, additional configuration is required by your trained IT staff

Who Can Login to All Orders CRM?

You have complete control over who can login to All Orders CRM. For example, you may have someone that logs into All Orders CRM but NOT All Orders and vice-versa. Most of the time sales reps log into a CRM system and as such, All Orders CRM has the ability to fine tune what a sales rep can see. Unlike All Orders Web, All Orders CRM is NOT intented for customer logins

How is All Orders CRM Licensed?

Currently in order to run All Orders CRM you must have a valid license or trial keys for BOTH All Orders Web (AOW) and All Orders (AO). The AOW key powers up the system, while the AO key defines how many users can be listed. This licensing structure of AOW + AO to power All Orders CRM is a Limited-Time Pre-Release Special Offer

What is the Future of All Orders CRM?

The demand for installed software has been eclipsed by the demand for cloud-based solutions. As such, NumberCruncher is taking the steps necessary to port our desktop software, which our customer have known and loved for the past 18 years, to the cloud. All Orders CRM is the first step in that direction. Over the nex few quarters, other modules (e.g. Purchasing & Warehouses) will be introduced as they become available

Eventually it will be possible (with the exception of QuickBooks Synchronization) not to use the All Orders desktop software at all

All Orders CRM is still considered an On-premises software because you are responsible for your own IT resources, like backing-up and installing updates. For that reason, we have made it a prerequisite to have All Orders Web, because if you already have AOW, then you already have the necessary IT resources for All Orders CRM.

All Orders CRM is also the basis for's newest product, Order Time inventory which is a completely hosted browser-based (SaaS) version of All Orders that is paid on a subscription basis. This new platform makes it possible to truly control your business from anywhere, at anytime!

Our customers have the choice between a desktop solution or a cloud solution to suit their business.