Vendor Info

The Vendor Info screen contains a complete history of your dealings with a particular Vendor. At the top of the screen, you'll be able to access vital stats such as the Vendor's address, contact info, and your credit limit with them. If any notes about the Vendor exist, you'll see the first few lines of these notes in this section as well. Just click the Edit Notes... button to view the notes in their entirety.

Of course, if you see any information about the Vendor that needs to change, click the Edit Vendor... button to pull up the New Vendor dialog with the Customer's info already filled in. Just make any needed adjustments, and then save it off.

Below this info, you have a series of three tabs. Each tab has a set of commands as well as a pertinent list of information available to you:

You can double-click any listing to bring up its corresponding transaction. Let us quickly go over the information and commands that can be found on each tab: