General Preferences

The General category of preferences contain miscellaneous options that affect the aesthetics and usability of the program (as seen as on the My Preferences tab), and also some basic functionality (viewable on the Company Preferences tab). Let us look at these tabs in turn:

My Preferences

A click of the My Preferences tab in this category reveals the following options:


When it comes to saving the various tabs on your All Orders desktop for later use, you may choose between three items:

Additionally, you have an option called Show Home page when opening a company file, which will always bring up your Home Page first, regardless of whether or not it is part of your saved configuration of tabs.

One extra usability touch is the checkbox marked Beep when Adding, Editing/Deleting Items. Checking this option will provide some audio feedback when working with Items. It's a handy safeguard to help remind users that they are making permanent changes.

Checking Automatically refresh lists when information is updated will help ensure that any open lists will stay up to date when you change any information on a related form. For example, if I have my item list open and since the last time I have worked with it I have edited a particular item, the next time I focus on the item list it will automatically refresh ensuring that it has the most up to date information. For companies with large lists that take time to reload this option should be turned off.

Turning on Filter item drop downs on transactions as you type will cause the list of items available to add to a transaction to be filtered after each character it entered making it easier to see that you are entering the correct item information. For users with large item lists which take time to filter this option should be turned off.

Make sure Warn before closing program is checked to prevent the inadvertent closing of the program. The user will be prompted before the program shuts down to make sure it is being closed intentionally.

In addition to these usability enhancements, you also have some general aesthetic preferences as part of this tab. First, you have the ability to choose a Color Scheme, which does no more and no less than paint the background of the program's user interface a lovely shade of your choosing. Just select a color from the drop-down list.

You can change the appearance of the list tabs on your All Orders desktop. These are just aesthetic changes, and do not affect the functionality of these tabs in any way, so feel free to experiment to see which one you like best. Just click an option in the Tab Style section of the dialog to get started.

Finally, in the Print Preview and Print Selection, each user can set how they want to preview and print reports.  This set up does not affect other users printing preferences.

Company Preferences

The Company Preferences tab offers choices that pertain to the program's general functionality:


There Version specifies what version of Quickbooks All Orders is connected to. All Orders will generally automatically fill this in so you should not need to change it.

The first section, marked Decimal Points, controls how numbers are displayed in the application. Here you have spinner controls that let you set the number of decimal points for quantity values as well as dollar figures for cost and for price. Regardless of what you set here, total dollar amounts will always have two decimal places. These can be adjusting by clicking the value's up/down spinner buttons, or by simply typing a number into the value's field.

Next, the checkbox Enable Foreign Currency allows you to use currencies other than U.S. dollars within All Orders. Once enabled, currencies (and their exchange rates) can be set up by way of the Currencies profile list. Also, be sure to check This company charges sales tax if you charge sales tax on products, so that the appropriate taxes are applied to the totals on Sales Quotes and Sales Orders.


Enable Manufacturers Rep Orders :  Enables All Orders to create and fulfill manufacturers rep orders.

Use Quick Reorder screen: Check this preference to enable the Quick Reorder Screen.

Copy all attachments to a shared folder/repository:  When this preference is checked, it allows you to save all Attachments that are added to the Items, Vendors, Customers, or transactions screens to a shared folder.   Assign the folder by clicking the Browse button.