Many businesses offer their retail customers consignment arrangement whereby stock located at the customer location.   When the stock is sold to the customer's customer,  an invoice is generated to reflect the sale.   

The Consignment form allows you to create ship docs and / or transfers based on your customer's ending stock balance.

Before starting, review Using All Orders - Consignment Sales

To create a new consignment,  from the main menu select Sales -- New Consignment.  

Select a customer and the appropriate ship-to address.   Once selected,  the current quantity of the stock on consignment is shown.   Note that the consignment is date sensitive.    This allows you to reconcile consignment on any past date.


Next you can enter the 'On Hand' stock quantity for each item.  When you do this, the Ship Doc column will automatically adjust to the difference between the current quantity and the on hand quantity.  You can also directly enter the ship doc quantity which will adjust the on hand quantity.

From this form you can also indicate how much re-stock the customer needs.   You can re-stock from any location.   Note: a user assigned to a location will only be able to re-stock from HQ or his/her location.   To enter a re-stock,  click the details column and then click 'Select restock location'.    You will see a dialog box showing the available locations.   Enter an quantity and click 'Save and Close'.


Similarly,  you can also allow the customer to return stock to any location.   To enter a re-stock,  click the details column and then click 'Select return location'.   Select a location and  enter an quantity then click 'Save and Close'.


Once completed,  you are ready to 'Finalize' the consignment.  Finalizing will create the appropriate ship docs as well as any restock or return transfers.

Once finalized you can click the Transaction tab and view the associated transactions.