Converting from All Orders 4 to All Orders 5

PLEASE read this entire article before installing and running All Orders 5.


  • All Orders 5 uses the same server as All Orders 4 so you DO NOT HAVE TO RE-INSTALL THE SERVER.
  • All Orders 5 is installed in a separate programs group than All Orders 4.
  • Uninstall version 4 from all client computers. You can do this from Add/Remove Programs.
  • Install and run version 5

When you open All Orders 5 for the first time it will:

  • Take a back up of your All Orders 4 database;
  • Update your database for the new features that have been added; and
  • Record historical transactions in the All Orders ledger for the purpose of tracking FIFO and/or actual costs. Recording historical transactions may be a lengthy process. Please reserve one minute per 100 transactions. Historical transactions include Receivers, Vendor Returns, Qty Adjustments, Value Adjustments, Shipped Ship Docs and Customer Returns and Finished Work Orders and Disassembly.
  • Do not interrupt the process by clicking the screen, the application may appear frozen but it is not, please let it run.
  • The administrator should enter the new license key. Open All Orders and do Help --> License Key Manager. You only have to do this once unlike version 4 were a license key needed to be entered for each client.


If you decide to keep version 4 and version 5 on the same client, before switching between versions do Start > All Programs > All Orders 5 > Reset Settings

If you are using a custom application that calls the All Orders 4 Library, it may have to be recompiled so it can run with All Orders V5. Please contact us for more information

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