How to Use QuickBooks Online Inventory Management

February 15, 2018 at 1:01 PMDaniel Phillips

Part of running your own business involves making sure that you have enough inventory to provide to your customers. If you don’t have product when your customers want it, they may be less likely to try ordering from you again in the future and will instead go to someone they see as more reliable. Using QuickBooks online inventory management can help you make sure that you have what you need for your customers.

To get started with QuickBooks, create your “products and services” list to set when you receive notifications for low product. There are many other features that you can utilize in this area of the program, as well. For some management programs, you can even automate some aspects of your inventory management, such as ordering new supplies or products when you get down to a certain level.

One thing to keep in mind for your QuickBooks online inventory management program is to make sure that the inventory tracking is turned on. Otherwise, you will not receive notifications for low product. You do not have to turn it on for every product you have; rather, just turn it on for the ones that you want. Make sure that you are only turning it on for the ones you want to track, because once you save it then it cannot be turned back off.

Another feature that you may consider using on your program is sub-products. These can help with organizing your products and can be especially useful if you have many different products that fit into different categories.

Using QuickBooks online inventory management can do a lot for your business, from helping you organize to making sure that you are ordering on time so you don’t run out of product when your customers need it. Numbercruncher can help with all of your inventory management needs.

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