How To Track Your Inventory In Quickbooks

February 15, 2018 at 12:58 PMDaniel Phillips

QuickBooks is a relatively well-known company that provides many different pieces of software to help business owners and accountants do their jobs efficiently. One of the products offered is a product tracker, which allows you to make sure that you have adequate inventory to meet the demand of your customers so that there are fewer delays and overall better customer service. Tracking inventory in QuickBooks is relatively easy, but can seem overwhelming to someone looking at it for the first time.

The first step that you want to do is turn on the tracking feature. This can be done by clicking the gear icon and selecting “accounts and settings.” From there, you can choose “sales” and then “track inventory quantity on hand.” Make sure that this option is turned on, and then click “done” to save.

Once your tracking is on, you will want to create your inventory items. To create a new item, go to the “products and services” option and click “new.” There will be a few item types, but for this example we will want to choose inventory since you are tracking inventory in QuickBooks. There will be a lot of information to enter, and some of it is required but not all of it is. From here, you can set whether or not to receive notifications whenever your quantity falls below a certain amount. This is highly recommended as that is how you can ensure that you will always have enough product for your customers.

Once you have set up your inventory items and turned the tracking on, it is relatively easy to run a report. You simply go to the homepage, click “reports” and choose “run.” This will give you a summary of all of your tracked products. Numbercruncher can help with tracking inventory in QuickBooks as well as other commonly used types of software.

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