The Missing Link – Reserving a Purchase Order for a Specific Sales Order

April 8, 2014 at 5:52 PMIan Benoliel

“Why can’t I just tell the customer when their shipment is going out the door” exclaimed Harry.  “Their order has been sitting there for 2 weeks and stills no shipment; they’re our biggest customer!”

Everyone on the room was very quiet not wanting to send Harry over the edge. Finally Kelly spoke “Well it seems there were a bunch of sales orders that came in before theirs so when we received the purchase order from the supplier we filled those orders first”.  There was no way to tell that product should have been shipped to a different customer.

Something struck a chord in Jack’s mind. “You know the guys down the street had the same problem until they started using All Orders by NumberCruncher.”   Jack continued, “When they create a sales order for certain customers in All Orders, they link it to a purchase order.  Once they’re linked to one another the quantity on the purchase order is reserved for that customer and it cannot be diverted to another customer.  In addition, the links to the sales order are visible on the purchase order so it’s easy to tell which orders should be filled when a purchase order is received.”

Everyone, including Harry, was impressed.    “What are we waiting for?” said Harry, “Let’s get a demo of All Orders ASAP!”

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