The Batch Shipments List

In the section on creating a New Batch Shipment, we showed you the utility of being able to start several (or a whole stack of) Ship Docs at once. The Batch Shipments List is where you can review and print the details of these batches. As this list has something of a non-standard user interface (compared to the other Lists), we've opted to cover this one specifically.

On the left-hand side of this tab, you'll see a list of all the batches you've created. When searching through these batches, it's likely that you'll mainly want to see only the most recent ones. That's why you can filter the batches based on date range, or even on the exact batch number if you happen to know it. Just set your parameters and click Filter.

To view the details about a given batch, just click on it in the Batch Number pane. On the Batch Detail Pane (right-hand side), you'll be able to view information about the batch, including:

  • Stats like the batch number, date of creation, and the user who executed it.

  • Any Memo notes the person entered during creation.

  • A list of all the sales orders that were included in the batch. You can drill down on a particular SO by double-clicking it.


You can print the details of the batch by choosing Batch Shipping from the drop-down list, and then clicking the Print button: