Synchronizing with QuickBooks

All Orders is a separate program from QuickBooks, and as such, the two programs need to transfer data back and forth (synchronize) to ensure that both QuickBooks AND All Orders users have the latest data. By default, synchronization happens every time a company file is open. You can set other synchronization settings in your Preferences as well as when first starting a New Company File.  

When an action is taken in All Orders that affects the financial information (e.g. Invoice button is pressed or a Work Order is Recorded), the underlying transaction will be posted in QuickBooks automatically and no further synchronization is required. However, when an action is taken in QuickBooks that affects All Orders, synchronization is required.

This chapter addresses the issues with regard to QuickBooks as follows:


On demand synchronization is accomplished in one of two ways, both of which are available under Synchronize QuickBooks from the Company menu: