Item Info

The Item Info screen is a one-stop shop for viewing all information related to a particular Item. At the top of the screen are vital stats such as the Item Type, QB Type, and Item Group to which this Item belongs. Additionally, you have a General Info section that gives a running tally on year-to-date sales and purchases, how much of the Item you have on hand, how much on order, and your next order's ETA.

If you see anything amiss with the Item information and wish to edit the Item, just click this button:

...and you'll be taken to the New Item screen, with the Item's info already filled in. Just make any needed adjustments, and then save it off.

In the Item details pane, you have up to seven tabs of information, followed by a context-sensitive list table. For each tab, you can see a different set of information:


Not all tabs will show up for all item types. For example, you won't find a Status tab for non-inventory parts.

If you have any open transaction forms to which you'd like to add this Item, click the Add to Open Documents button on the tab's toolbar. If you have more than one available document, you'll receive a special dialog asking you to choose those docs to which you want to add the Item:

Just check the appropriate box and click OK. You may select only one document.