Blanket purchase orders

In your business you want your vendors to deliver items at specified times during the year or  'blanket orders'.   One solution is to create multiple purchase orders however All Orders has the ability of handling multiple ship dates on a single order.  

When you have multiple ship date on one order the 'Ship Date' is not used instead, All Orders uses the 'Item Ship Date' to determine when and how much of an item should be shipped to the customer.   Assume you want a vendor to deliver product as follows:

Line No 1, Item 7809-0987

Ship on December 2, 2008   - Quantity 5

Ship on January 2, 2008 - Quantity 10


Line No 2, Item 7809-0989

Ship on December 2, 2008   - Quantity 10

Ship on January 2, 2008 - Quantity 20


To record the above, you  create a purchase order and add the first item, which in our example is 7809-0987.   One the item has been added click the Detail icon and select 'Ship Date'.

A Enter Ship Dates dialog will display.  At this point click on the first date and change it to 12/2/2008, tab then change the quantity to 5.   Click on the second line and enter 1/2/2009 tab and enter quantity of 10.   When done, click Save & Close.


Repeat the above for the second item.

All Orders provides a purchase order template that displays multiple ship dates called Purchase Order - Item Ship Dates.  As with all other forms and reports in All Orders, you can customize this form to suit your needs.